We areWorld Class Commodity Trading and Logistics Company

To create a global digital and sustainable trading platform.

  • Netbulk was founded in 2015 as a trading house headquartered in Singapore with a global trading presence.
  • We trade various commodities including metals, bulk alloys, and greener fuels, with a local presence in The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, India, Oman, and Dubai.
  • The success is attributed to our extensive risk management system under the leadership of a professional team with over 150 years of combined experience.
  • Netbulk remains committed to Singapore’s vision of net-zero emissions by 2050.

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Our Core Value

Green Planet Advocacy

Green Planet Advocacy

Netbulk believes in the reduction of carbon emissions to promote a green and clean planet.

Client-Centric Excellence

Client-centric Excellence

We aim to provide superior services to our clients and encourage an innovative approach to continuously improve our services.

Promoting Global Resilience

Promoting Global Resilience

We strive to stimulate our impact on the global economy, environment, and society in present-day as well as the future.

Spot Market Surveillance

Spot Market Surveillance

We also keep a sharp eye on the spot market.